Segway Tour Miami

4 Mile Segway Art Tour of Wynwood Walls

1 hour tour + 30 minutes of training

First learn how to ride a Segway and then take a tour through the magical streets of Wynwood walls to see, learn, and explore some of the most exquisite pieces of art in the entire world!



Optional add-on:
$24 for photo and video package


Call to reserve at (305) 308-2840

8 Mile Segway Art Tour of Wynwood Walls

2 hour tour + 30 minutes of training

Cover everything on the 4 mile tour plus an additional 4 miles to take a deeper dive through Wynwood enhancing the full experience. Finish the ride with a breathtaking view of Biscayne Bay!



Optional add-on:
$24 for photo and video package


Call to reserve at (305) 308-2840

5 Mile Segway Art Tour of Wynwood Walls

90 Minutes total (1 hour tour + 30 minutes of training with tour guide)

Exclusive Tour:

"Meet The Artists"

Each rider will get to meet up to 5 select local & international artists on their tour who will either be present at their murals or will be connected on a zoom call to share the inspiration behind their artwork. We deeply value our partnerships with the artists and are extremely honored and excited to offer this premium experience to our guests!

1 hour plus training: $209 $130
2 hours plus training: $249 $195

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Wynwood Arts District is one of the most famous districts in Miami, Florida, for entertainment. It used to be an industrial district with a collection of warehouses in the past, but now it is popular for having murals on most building walls and sidewalks. It offers a vast range of options for breweries, food halls, taquerias, boutiques, shops, bars, restaurants, dance venues, artwork, and other retail stores. The area is located next to Edgewater and north of overtown and downtown Miami. It is one of the two sub-districts of the Wynwood district, along with Wynwood Fashion District.

Wynwood Art District has a vast selection of outdoor murals, private art collections, and galleries. Its main art pieces are on the Wynwood Walls, which were designed in 2009 by the late Tony Goldman, a highly talented urban developer. When he designed them, his aim was to reinvigorate the district by making the old boring warehouses become works of art. Now, it has become a major preferred destination for many tourists visiting Miami. The magnificent artwork on the walls was done by Goldman Global Arts, a company that deals with arts and has a gallery within the area. At Wynwood Art District, there are several co-working spaces where people can work from. Many art collectors come to the area every year to purchase art pieces from the galleries, which are sold at a wide range of price points.

Visiting Hours

Visitors wishing to explore the Wynwood Art District can access the walls from Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm. There are official guided tours every day starting from 12 pm to 7 pm, which you can book every hour. You can choose to take a walking tour through the area, which takes about two and a half hours to go through the entire area. There are many walls to see and more than 70 art galleries to visit. You can also buy tickets to see over 35 murals created by world-recognized artists.

You can also opt to take the Segway tour Miami to tour the area on a Segway. This is a very fun way to tour the area and enjoy the breathtaking pieces of art and murals on the street walls. If you have never been on a Segway before, you will receive thorough coaching and guidance from expert Segway tour Miami guides, who do their best to ensure you are comfortable and safe. Through the Miami art deco Segway tour, you will learn about the area’s history and the definition of the styles of architecture. The tour will take between two and three hours to span through a distance of about six miles. You can book a tour for adults, students, and children who are 12 and above from 10 am to 2 pm.

How Fun & Easy Segway Tours Are

Segway tours are popular because they are an extremely fun and easy way to cruise the area while enjoying the breathtaking views. Riding a Segway is as easy as riding a bike or skates, and if you have experience with the two, you can learn the technique quickly. Even if you do not have experience with any of those, detailed videos and one-on-one sessions with coaches involve getting taught how to ride and even maneuver through an obstacle. You will have an easy time because most areas are paved and flat. The Segway tour Miami is a sport that will help you spend quality time and bond with your friends and family while exploring the district. Take Instagram pictures of the hundreds of spots throughout the area with endless pieces of art, flora, and fauna. The tours accommodate people from all age groups, including older ones up to 70 years.

How Wynwood is the new spotlight of Miami

With all the attractive murals, galleries, and contemporary pieces of art both indoors and on the streets, Wynwood has become the new spotlight of the city of Miami. It attracts thousands of local and international visitors who enjoy the rich culture and breathtaking views. The Wynwood market is the center for a massive variety of unique art pieces created by some of the most refined artists. Everyone can walk away with a piece of art without breaking the bank.

Wynwood is known for being beautiful, colorful, and expressive. It is a great place to visit or a vacation to unwind from your busy life. There is always something new to discover each time you visit Wynwood. If you are a creative artist, you can draw inspiration from all the vibrant streets, gardens, and galleries. There are many collections of art pieces ranging from drawings and paintings to murals and sculptures to give you an experience like never before. You can also get a unique experience at the Bakehouse Art Complex where you can view how they create the art behind the scenes. There are also many eateries and breweries to appease your taste buds, and lots of boutiques and retail shops to purchase souvenirs to take home for your loved ones.

If you want to experience the beach, you can enjoy the magnificent views of Miami beach through the Miami Beach Segway tour. The Segways have internal Gyroscopes that help you maintain balance, so you can focus on having fun and taking in your surroundings. At the Miami beach, there is an ocean walk and an ocean ride where hundreds of people come to bike, jog, exercise, and ride Segways. You will get to visit all the local joints and tourist attractions via the segment tour Miami without getting tired from walking. The Segway tour south beach Miami is a one-of-a-kind experience that you need to try out.

If you want to get the best Segway tour Miami experience, book one together with your favorite friends and family for a small-group tour. It is an educative and fun way to bond and spend quality time with loved ones. The tour guides will give you all the information you need and offer any kind of assistance throughout the Segway tour Miami.

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